Silence the Noise: Fixing a Sump Pump That Sounds Like a Washing Machine

A sump pump is a tool that is frequently put in the basement of a house or structure to stop flooding brought on by a lot of rain or a high water table. In order to avoid water damage, it is built to automatically pump water out of the sump pit and away from the building. A sump pump is a crucial part of a home’s plumbing system because it may guard against expensive repairs and structural harm brought on by water.

Why do sump pumps sound like washing machines?

Sump pumps generate a washing machine-like noise when running. If you don’t know what generated the sounds, this may frighten you.┬áThe common causes of sump pumps that sound like washing machines are discussed below, along with solutions:

The sump pump has an airlock

An airlock is one of the most frequent causes of a sump pump sounding like a washing machine. When air is trapped in the sump pump impeller or discharge line, an airlock can occur, causing the water to whirl and make a noise like a washing machine. You can attempt to resolve this problem by flushing the pump with water while making sure that all of the air has been removed from the system. Another option to think about is adding an air release valve to prevent airlocks from happening again.

Impeller with debris

Debris in the impeller is another reason your sump pump sounds like a washing machine. If rocks or gravel get into the impeller, they may cause the pump to make odd noises. You can examine the sump pump and clear out any debris that might have become lodged inside the impeller to resolve this problem. It’s vital to remember that if you hear a loud pounding noise, there can be a lot of debris in the impeller, and you might need expert help to clear it out.

The pump housing has been damaged

The sump pump may make strange noises when running if the pump housing is damaged or fractured. This can be because the water is not flowing through the pump properly, which makes the motor work harder than it has to. You might have to completely replace the pump housing to resolve this problem, which calls for professional assistance.

Pipe and Fitting Issues with the Discharge

If the discharge line or fittings are blocked, damaged, or installed improperly, the sump pump may also make odd noises. As the discharge pipe or fittings get clogged, the water flow is impeded, leading the pump to make odd noises. Check for obstructions or damage in the discharge pipe and fittings to resolve this problem. If the pipe or fittings are damaged, they must be replaced; if they are blocked, you can attempt to remove the obstruction.

How do you fix a noisy washing machine sump pump?

If your sump pump sounds like a washing machine, try the following steps to troubleshoot the problem:

Verify the power supply
Verify that the power source is operational and that the sump pump is correctly connected. Go to the following step if the power supply is not the problem.

Examine the pump housing and impeller
Examine the impeller for dirt and, if necessary, clean it. If the impeller is in good condition, look for any damage or cracks in the pump housing. The pump housing has to be changed if there is damage or cracking.

Sanitize the sump pump
The sump pump may make strange noises if it is unclean or clogged. Make sure the sump pit is debris-free, and clean the sump pump.

Inspect the fittings and discharge pipe
Look for any obstructions, corrosion, or faulty installation in the discharge pipe and fittings. If there are any problems, remove the obstruction, fix or replace the broken pipe or fittings, and make sure they are placed correctly.

Switch out the sump pump

Even after troubleshooting, if the sump pump is still making strange noises, it could be time to replace it. An old or worn-out sump pump may start to produce strange noises and may not work correctly, which may cause flooding or water damage. To make sure a sump pump is operating correctly, it is essential to replace it every 5 to 7 years.

How can a sump pump stop creating washing machine noise?

There are a few things you can do to stop a sump pump from sounding like a washing machine:

Routine maintenance

Your sump pump may be kept from creating odd noises with routine maintenance. Cleaning the sump pit, checking the impeller for debris, and examining the pump casing for damage are all included in this.

Put in a backup sump pump

If your primary sump pump breaks down or stops working, installing a backup sump pump can help prevent flooding. Also, a backup sump pump might assist in keeping your main sump pump from making strange noises.

Invest in a superior sump pump

A high-quality sump pump can help stop it from making strange noises and guarantee that it operates correctly. Moreover, a high-quality sump pump will require less maintenance and last longer.


If your sump pump makes a washing machine-like noise, there might be an issue that has to be fixed. You can make sure that your sump pump works properly and avoid flooding or water damage in your home by investigating the problem and adopting preventative actions.


How does a sump pump operate, and what does it do?

In order to prevent flooding brought on by a lot of rain or a high water table, a sump pump is a device that is installed in the basement of a house or other structure. In order to avoid water damage, it pumps water out of the sump pit and away from the building.

Can I put up a sump pump on my own?

A sump pump should only be installed by a qualified plumber to guarantee appropriate installation and operation.

What gives my sump pump a washing machine sound?

For a number of reasons, such as an airlock, debris in the impeller, damage to the pump housing, or issues with the discharge line and fittings, a sump pump may sound like a washing machine.

Is noise coming from a sump pump normal?

Sump pumps naturally make some noise, but excessive noise could indicate a problem. It’s a good idea to look into the cause if your sump pump is creating a lot of noise.

How can I tell whether or not my sump pump needs to be repaired?

It may be necessary to repair or replace your sump pump if it is making weird noises, isn’t successfully pumping water, or exhibits other symptoms of wear and tear. To choose the best course of action, consult a specialist.

Can I repair my own noisy sump pump?

You might be able to repair a noisy sump pump yourself, depending on the source of the noise. To prevent more pump damage, it’s crucial to proceed with caution. It is preferable to consult a specialist if you are unclear about what to do.

How can I stop the noise that my sump pump makes in the future?

Future noise from your sump pump can be reduced with routine maintenance. This entails thoroughly cleaning the pump and all of its parts, keeping an eye out for wear and tear, and quickly resolving any problems.

How can I prevent my sump pump from creating odd noises?

A sump pump can stop making strange noises by receiving regular maintenance, installing a backup sump pump, and upgrading to a high-quality sump pump.

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