pool pump not pulling water

Why Pool Pump Not Pulling Water?

Pool pumps are an essential part of keeping your swimming pool clean and healthy. They remove dirt, debris, and other unwanted particles from the water. If you notice that your pool pump isn’t working properly, there are several reasons why this could happen.

A common problem that plumbers encounter is a pool pump that does not pull enough water out of the pool. The reason for this could be a number of different issues.

Here are 5 common problems that might cause your pool pump not to pull water out of the pool.

1. Pool Pump Not Pulling Water Out Of The Pool

2. Pool Pump Not Working Properly

3. Pool Pump Leaking Water Into The Pool

4. Pool Pump Stuck In The On Position

5. Pool Pump Not Turning On Or Off

If your pool pump is not pulling water, you may need to check it immediately to save yourself from a disastrous situation.

The cause of your pool pump not pulling water could be an issue with the skimmer, filter, pump, or impeller. Check different parts of the pump to understand the/ problematic part and find an appropriate solution.

Here’s all you need to know about the inground pool pump not pulling water:

Water Flow

A problem with the water flow could be one of the issues causing your pool pump not to work properly. The water level in the pool is highly significant to make circulation and pumping water possible in the system. As the water circulates in the system in a vacuum, the air entrance in the system can damage the motor and halt or slow down the water flow. It happens when the water levels in the system fall below the skimmer. If you fail to add an adequate amount of water at the right time, the pool pump not pulling enough water may cause damage to the pump. In such a situation, gradually add water to the system to regulate the flow of water in the pool.

Clogged Filter

If you are thinking “why my pool pump is not working”, you must check the filter first. You can easily access the filter to find if it is clogged with dirt and debris. The pool pump does not circulate water properly with a clogged filter. Apart from a malfunctioning pump, a pressure rise (8 to 10 pounds PSI above the normal pressure) also indicates the need for backwashing the filter.

Dirty Skimmer

Removing the skimmer to clean the pump by a vacuum attachment can often accumulate debris and dirt. The absence of the skimmer basket allows debris to enter the secondary basket. Clogging of the basket makes the pool pump not pull water Intex. After vacuuming the pump, always clean the secondary basket to ensure no particles are stuck in the system.

Suction Line Obstruction

If your above-ground pool pump not pulling water, it may have something stuck in the skimmer basket leading to clogging of the suction line. Removing and cleaning the basket every once in a while can save you from having a clogged basket and maintain the pool filter circulation.

Clogged Pump Impeller

The pump impeller is another important part of the pump that you may need to check for the pool pump not filling with water. It is the most important part of the pump and should be checked regularly for proper functioning. Accumulation of debris in the pump impeller compromises its function, and the pump does not pull water efficiently.

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Why my pool pump is not working?

The first thing you should do when your pool pump stops working is check for blockage in the filter. If the filter is clogged, then you need to clean it out. To clean the filter, turn off the power to the pump and remove the cover from the top of the filter. Then, use a garden hose to spray water into the filter. This will help dislodge any debris that may be stuck inside the filter. After cleaning the filter, turn the power back on and test the pump again.

Why did my pool pump suddenly stop working?

If your pool pump stops working, check for water leaks around the pool pump. Also, check the filter to ensure it is clean and free from debris. A pool pump stops working when the motor burns out. If these things don’t work, call a professional plumber.

The easiest way to replace a pool pump is to purchase a new one from a local hardware store. If you need to repair the pump yourself, you should first check for leaks around the pump. Next, you should disconnect the power source and remove the cover plate. Then, you should inspect the electrical connections inside the pump. Finally, you should test the pump by turning it on and off several times.

Why Is My Pool Pump Running but Not Pumping Water?

Pool pumps tend or wear off after 10 to 12 years of installation. However, if you purchased your pump recently and are not pumping water properly, it shows an issue with the system. The most likely problem if the pool pump not pulling water is a blockage in the pump system parts like the impeller, filter, simmer, or suction line. Continuously running the pool without fixing the water circulation can cause permanent damage to the pump.

How do you know if your pool pump is bad?

If you notice any of these symptoms, then your pool pump is probably bad:

1. The water level in the pool drops suddenly

2. Water leaks from the pool pump

3. The filter stops working

4. Your pool pump makes loud noises

5. The motor starts making noises

6. The pool pump doesn’t work at all

7. The pool pump has no power

8. The pool pump won’t turn off.


Why is my Intex pool pump not pulling water?

If your Intex pool pump does not pull water efficiently, it is due to a problem in the cartridge. Replace the filter cartridge in time to get your pool working.

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How do you fix a no-flow pool pump?

If your pump does not show a flow pool pump, you can regulate the water flow by priming the system. Turn the pump off and unscrew the pump lid. Pour a bucket of pool water into the pump and replace the pump lid with the o ring before turning your pump on.

How do I bleed the air from my pool pump?

If your pool pump has compromised water circulation due to air in the system, you can remove it by rotating the air relief valve. Open the strainer box cover to inspect the presence of water in the pump basket.

Why do pool pumps overheat, and what can you do to stop it?

There can be two reasons for an overheated pool pump; an electrical issue or friction. Friction rises when the water is too low.

Final Words

For a pool pump not pulling water, it is important to find the cause and apply a solution accordingly. The problem could be with the impeller, filter, suction line, a clogged skimmer, or low water levels in the pool. Look for the underlying cause of improper water circulation and fix it to avoid damaging the pump.

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