Pool Filter Types

The Three Types Of Swimming Pool Filters

If you want to know how to increase pool pressure, then it will be useful to have some knowledge about the types of swimming pools filters. Filters are a significant part of every pool and are typically categorized by their type, purpose, and the way they are functioning.

1. DE Filters

The first that we will mention is DE filters. DE filters are made using diatomaceous earth. They have plastic grids and are covered with a layer of filter powder. The filter powder is designed to remove debris up to 8 microns.

A micron is a very small measurement. For comparison, human hair has about 75 microns across. It is finer than sand and can filter much more effectively.

DE filters are commonly used for filtering out dirt, oil, and algae. They are designed to work seamlessly with a set of grids or cartridges and are equipped with a coating that is made of DE Powder.

2. Sand Filters

If you are wondering how to get more pressure from a pool pump, then you must know how to deal with sand filters first. They are one of the most common ones that can be found in swimming pools.

Sand filtration equipment is used in numerous sectors where the removal of suspended contaminants from water or sewage is required. Sand filters use aerated sand media to remove dirt and debris. As the water goes through the sand, it reaches the bottom of the filter.

Sand filters are designed to filter out debris that’s smaller than 40 microns. They should be replaced every 4 years approximately.

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3. Cartridge Filters

A cartridge filter is typically a paper-type cartridge. They do not filter as fine as DE, and they provide the same water quality as sand filter media.

Modern cartridge filters are more durable and are designed to require only cleaning once or twice a year. This makes them a plus when it comes to maintaining a good surface area.

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