Why Does Condensate Pump Keep Running?

Condensate pumps are a crucial part of any HVAC system to ensure the proper functioning and timely evacuation of the condensate. When the condensate levels rise in the reservoir, the float is lifted, enabling the condensation to move out of the system. Not taking proper care of the system can lead to a high amount of condensate in the HVAC and cause mold inside the pump.

Every machine in your house performs a particular task depending on its capacity. Similarly, the condensate pump can only evacuate a specific amount of water from the system. If the build-up exceeds the pump’s limit of removal, you may observe condensate pump overflowing.

What is a Condensate Pump?

Common reasons why condensate pump keep running continuouslyCondensate pumps are centrifuge pumps to collect and evacuate the liquids within the system, such as HVACs, refrigerators, and air conditioners. The condensate pump overflow switch enables you to prevent leakage and overflow like diversitech condensate pump overflow.

Why do you need a Condensate Pump?

Keeping an HVAC or air conditioning system indoor requires you to have a system that ensures the removal of water vapors for proper functioning. You must try to avoid furnace condensate pump overflowing and ensure maintenance of the steam condensate pump overflow pipe to save yourself from having to buy a new system soon.

Why does the Condensate Pump Keep Overflowing?

When you do not take the overflow seriously, it can result in a leak caused by an issue inside the system. It typically occurs due to mold growth in the HVAC when the water stays in it for a long time. As the system is not cleaned and the mold build-up increases, it leads to clogging of the drain, and you can observe leakage in the system.

Continuous running of condensate pump commonly occurs due to an increased amount of water in the pump not evacuated timely. Continuous boiler condensate pump overflowing can be as problematic as leaking as it can eventually affect the working of the system. If the condensate pump keeps overflowing, it indicates that it contains more water than its capacity and needs to be removed immediately.

Fixing the Condensate Pump Overflow

Once you see that your condensation pump is overflowing or leaking, you immediately think of “How to fix leaking condensate pump.” Not treating it in time may cause major damage to your HVAC or air conditioning system. If you suspect that the leak is due to a clogged drain, here’s how you can fix it yourself effortlessly.

  • Switch off your HVAC system before doing anything to remove the clog.
  • Look for the AC drain line.
  • Take the thin stiff brush and push it to the end of the drain to eliminate any mold present.
  • Connect the end of your vacuum to the end of the drain line.
  • Run the vacuum for around a minute to evacuate the vapors along with any other particles in the system.
  • Once done, connect the system again.

Why Do Condensate Pumps Fail?

Condensate pumps fail due to the accumulation of debris in the system over time. The debris and gunk stop the overflow switch and condensate pump overflow alarm from working, causing the condensate pump to work less efficiently. The whole of the condensate system, along with the condensate pump, becomes susceptible to wear and tear, causing the system to fail.

Cleaning The Condensate Pump

If you suspect dirt or mold in the system, it is fine to check it yourself and fix it. Yet, you can always call a licensed HVAC contractor to examine and clean the HVAC every three to six months.


How much does replacing a condensate pump cost?

If you do not watch the ac condensate pump overflowing and look for a solution soon, you might have to replace the pump. It costs somewhere between $100 and $165 to remove and replace the condensate pump.

Where is the condensate overflow switch?

The condensate pump overflow switch saves it from overflowing to a particular extent before it starts to leak. The overflow switch is located on the side of the condensate drain pan. When the water overflows, the switch activates and enables the float to rise.

What happens when the condensate pump fails?

In case of a condensate pump failure, the water begins to overflow from the HVAC. As modern homes have more drains near the air-conditioning systems, the water from overflowing goes to the drain. If you do not have a drain nearby, the water will fall on the floor, and therefore, should be fixed immediately.

Final Words

Seeing water overflow from your HVAC can make you think about the worst scenarios. However, you don’t have to worry. You can easily fix the condensate pump overflowing or leaking yourself without much effort. Don’t forget to switch off the system before cleaning to avoid any hazards. Remove any debris in the system and get your HVAC or air-conditioning working as new!

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