The Definitive Guide to Choosing the Best Water-Powered Backup Sump Pump

Any construction or home improvement project must include backup pumps. They are frequently used to stop flooding in homes, garages, sheds, and other outside structures. A trustworthy backup sump pump is a significant investment for any homeowner. You must get a new sump pump every year or two because a standard one can only endure for a while.

However, in the event of a power loss, they’re essential for stopping the development of water damage and ensuring your home is livable until the electricity is restored. Determining the top 5 water-powered backup sump pumps on the market required extensive research. Your basement will remain dry in an emergency because of its dependability and durability.

Understanding the Importance of a Water-Powered Backup Sump Pump

water powered backup sump pumpEnsuring Continuous Protection: Your primary sump pump may need to be fixed or cease to operate during severe rain or power outages. An effective fail-safe device, a backup sump pump powered by water will safeguard you despite a power outage. When your basement needs to be protected the most, it utilizes the pressure of your municipal water supply, making it a dependable option.

Cost-Effective and Environmentally Friendly: Backup sump pumps powered by water are more budget-friendly than their battery-operated counterparts. Water-powered pumps don’t have any moving or electrical parts to break down or need replacing like battery backups do. In addition to saving money in the long run, this also makes them friendlier to the environment by eliminating the need for disposable batteries.

Top 5 Water-Powered Backup Sump Pumps

One essential house improvement that every homeowner ought to think about adding is a backup sump pump. It guarantees that there is an additional sump pump available in case the first one fails. However, not all backup pumps are made equally.

Particular must be better constructed and will only endure a short time. A few are even pricey and noisy, while others can be. Here, we want to inform you about the five most excellent backup sump pumps powered by water. You don’t have to research because we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 water-powered backup sump pump systems!

Extremely Reliable

Basepump RB750 Water Powered Backup Sump Pump

Basepump RB750 Water Powered Backup Sump Pump

  • Flow Rate: 7 GPM
  • Max Pressure: 90 psi
  • Weight: 6 lbs.

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A sump pump is a primary method of removing water from a basement and is vital to keep your home’s foundation dry. When it fails, you can flood your basement and cause major damage. That’s why it’s important to have a backup sump pump installed.

This particular product comes from Basepump, a company that’s been in the business of making high-quality backup sump pumps for over 25 years now.

This particular model is the RB750, which is a high-quality product made from durable materials. The company claims that the float and valve system will last for over 10 years and that it won’t leak or fail. It comes with a 5-year warranty as well, which should be enough to cover most of your needs.

If you’re looking for a reliable backup sump pump, then this is the one you need. It’ll also protect your home from flooding if you have a basement, as well as protect your home from mold and mildew if you have a wet basement.

Best Overall

Liberty Pumps SJ10 SumpJet Water Powered Back-Up Pump

Liberty Pumps SJ10 SumpJet Water Powered Back-Up Pump

  • Flow Rate: 7 GPM
  • Max Pressure: 100 psi
  • Weight: 5 lbs.

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Liberty Pumps’ SumpJet is a great option for both home and commercial installations. It’s a well-built, reliable, and efficient pump that can handle high-volume flows and remove large amounts of water from your sump pit.

It’s very easy to install and mount, and it can be operated by anyone with minimal training. The sump jet comes with an adjustable hose clamp to attach it to any inlet pipe, requiring no electricity to operate.

Your municipal water supply powers the SJ10 and requires no electricity to operate. Liberty’s standard 2-year warranty backs it.

The SJ10 can handle inlet pressures up to 100 PSI, and the flow rate can go up to 5 gallons per minute (GPM). However, the recommended maximum flow rate is 3 GPM, and it will work off of a 5-foot lift.

The pump itself is made of durable PVC and can handle temperatures up to 130°F, which is very high for a residential sump pump. It has a built-in check valve at the inlet so that water doesn’t flow back into your house when it’s pumping, and the discharge is 1.5” NPT.

You’ll need to get an additional backflow protection kit, but it’s not too expensive, and I’m sure you can find one at any local hardware store. The pump also comes with a stainless screen filter that can be removed for cleaning purposes.

Overall, this is a great product for a new homeowner looking for a backup sump pump.

Best Capacity

Zoeller 540-0005 Water-Powered Back-Up Sump Pump

Zoeller 540-0005 Water-Powered Back-Up Sump Pump

  • Flow Rate: 20 GPM
  • Max Pressure: 80 psi
  • Weight: 5.46 lbs.

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The Zoeller 540-0005  Sump Pump is a powerful pump with excellent performance. This high-capacity pump can handle water pressure of up to 80 psi, and it works well in all weather conditions.

This sump pump can pump more than 20 gallons of water per minute, and it can even work when the main power goes out. This makes it a perfect product for homeowners who have a large basement or crawl space and want to keep their homes safe and dry in case of a storm.

This sump pump is made of non-corrosive materials, and it comes with a 3-year warranty that guarantees the performance of this product for a long time. This pump is also easy to install, and it does not require any electrical wiring or any other complicated installation.

Overall, if you’re looking for a high-quality and reliable sump pump, then the Zoeller 540-0005 Water-Powered Back-Up Sump Pump is a great choice. This is a very durable pump that is easy to use and highly recommended.

Best Emergency

Guardian 747H20 Water Powered Back-Up Sump Pump

Guardian 747H20 Water Powered Back Up Sump Pump

  • Flow Rate: 10 GPM
  • Max Pressure: 90 psi
  • Weight: 11 lbs.

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The Guardian 747H20 water-powered back pp Sump Pump is the perfect tool to keep your home safe in the event of a water emergency.

This device is designed to be used as a backup sump pump during the initial stages of flooding to ensure that all the water drains out of your basement as soon as possible.

The high-quality brass construction makes the pump resistant to corrosion and will last long. It has a flow rate of 10 gallons per minute and will operate under a pressure range of 29 to 90 psi.

The pump is designed to be operated continuously for years with no problems. It does come with an inlet line that will need to be replaced after a while. The inlet line of this pump is 3/4-inch so it might not be compatible with the drain pan of your sump pit.

If you want a high-quality emergency sump pump for the best money that you could possibly spend, then you should definitely check out the Guardian 747H20 Sump Pump.

All in all, I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is looking for an affordable emergency backup sump pump.

Best Self Activate

Star Water Systems Water Powered Backup Sump Pump

Star Water Systems Water Powered Backup Sump Pump

  • Flow Rate: 20 GPM
  • Max Pressure: 80 psi
  • Weight: 5.45 lbs.

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The Star Water Systems Water Powered Backup Sump Pump is a great product for those who are looking for an emergency solution. The Basement Sentry sump pump is designed to help prevent the water from flooding your basement during heavy rains. This automatic backup sump pump will automatically activate when the surrounding area experiences heavy rainfall. This pump works by connecting to a standard inlet line and outlet pipe.

It can be mounted horizontally, and it can be activated manually by a simple push button to start draining your sump pump.

The inlet pipe is made of stainless steel that will not rust easily, and the maximum flow rate is 20 gallons per minute. The operating pressure is 80 psi, and the inlet line is 1/2 inch.

This product has a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

The only downside of this pump is that it might be too big for smaller spaces. So if you’re looking for a smaller backup pump, then this might not be the best choice for you.

Overall, I would suggest this pump for any homeowner who wants to avoid emergency situations.

Key Considerations for Choosing a Water-Powered Backup Sump Pump

Sump pumps remove excess water from a basement or crawl space. However, it’s very important to choose the right type of sump pump and also have a water-powered backup. In order to choose the best water-powered sump pump for you, consider the following:

Water Supply Capacity

Consider your property’s water supply capability before choosing a water-powered backup sump pump. The water supply must be sufficient to meet the pump’s needs during prolonged power outages or heavy rainfall. To ascertain the water supply needs unique to your locality, speak with a qualified plumber or sump pump expert.

Installation and Maintenance

When selecting a water-powered backup sump pump, consider the ease of installation and continuing maintenance. Look for devices with clear installation instructions and only need essential equipment and knowledge. Additionally, choose pumps with simple parts to maintain and often inspect.

Pumping Capacity and Performance

How soon a water-powered backup sump pump can drain water from your basement depends on its pumping capability. Check the pump’s maximum gallons per hour (GPH) rating to ensure it meets your unique requirements. Additionally, look for any performance characteristics that can increase the efficiency and dependability of the pump, such as adjustable float switches or built-in alarms.

Durability and Build Quality

For enduring performance and dependability, investing in a strong, well-made water-powered backup sump pump is essential. Look for models made of high-quality materials, such as resilient plastic or metal that won’t rust. Consider pumps with strong seals and gaskets to stop leaks and guarantee the system’s durability.

Type: What Type of Pump Do You Want?

If you’re planning on installing a water backup sump pump, you have to consider a few things, including the type of sump pump that you want. Some pumps are powered by batteries or even solar power.

  1. The good ones are powered by electricity or batteries, which can be stored in your home’s power grid or in an off-grid system. But, these pumps can cost up to $600 – $800 depending on the size and power needed.
  2. However, there are also electrically powered backup sump pumps, which require little to no maintenance and can be installed at a fraction of the cost. These pumps run on electricity from your home’s electrical circuit and come in various sizes and capacities.
  3. One of the most common types of electric backup sump pumps is submersible, which is used in homes, commercial buildings, and industrial applications.


It’s crucial that your sump pump is designed for the size of your basement, but the most important thing is that it can handle the power of your water supply. You should choose a model that can handle the amount of water your sump pump will be pumping out.

The size of the sump pump is also important. You need a large enough sump pump to accommodate the volume of water you have stored in your basement.

Most pumps are rated based on the horsepower (HP) of their motor and the cubic feet per minute (CFM) of airflow it generates. The higher the horsepower and CFM, the more powerful and efficient the pump is.

The most common rating system for sump pumps is the ‘GPM’ system, where the GPM stands for gallons per minute. This is the standard measurement for most sump pumps – you can measure the gallons of water pumped per minute by the GPM rating.

Power Source

Power sources for a sump pump vary from manual wind-up to battery-operated to solar-powered. Depending on your preferences and the size of your home or office, the choice will be different for you.

For example, if you live in a house with a basement and you want to power your sump pump with a battery, then you’ll have to get a 12V car battery. If you’re looking to power your sump pump with solar panels, then you’ll need a battery charger that can charge a 12V car battery, which means you’ll need a 12V solar panel, and maybe a battery storage unit.

If you have a smaller-sized home, then you can also opt for a wind-up sump pump, which is a good choice because they’re quiet, does not require much maintenance, and have a longer lifespan than the other choices.

Water Pressure

A sump pump can fail in many ways. One of the most common reasons why sump pumps fail is because of low water pressure. This is especially true if you live in a city where there is little rainfall or if you have a high-pressure water system. If you live in these areas, you should invest in a water pressure booster that is designed specifically to increase water pressure.

Water Outlet

The most important thing to think about when choosing a backup sump pump is how big the outlet is.

A small outlet is useful if your basement is only a few feet deep. But if your basement is much deeper, a large outlet will be more appropriate.

And the size of the outlet will also depend on the depth of your water level. If your water level is only 3-4 feet deep, then a larger outlet will be more appropriate.

Noise Level: Consider the Noise Level Of Your Water Pump

When your sump pump fails, its noise can be quite alarming. Sump pumps can make a loud clicking or whirring sound, which can be very intimidating when it happens at night.

But there are ways you can keep the noise to a minimum. First of all, ensure you have enough airflow in your sump pit to keep the water in. This can be done with a fan or an exhaust fan, but it’s best to put it on its own dedicated circuit.

You may also want to buy a sump pump with an adjustable speed control. These can be set lower, which will help keep the noise minimal.

Water-powered sump pump problems

Water-powered sump pumps are an interesting technology that’s been around for a long time. There are two common problems with this type of sump pump, though: first, the water can’t be turned off once it starts flowing; and second, the pump is usually noisy. In this section, we’ll list the most possible water-powered sump pump problems, including:

  • Water power is great, but it isn’t always reliable or effective in some situations.
  • If the water level drops below the intake valve, the sump pump will not be able to generate enough pressure to pump out all of the water.
  • Water is the most common cause of electrical problems.
  • It’s not as effective as the electric one.
  • When the power goes out, the sump pump will stop pumping.
  • It’s too loud.
  • Don’t work during a hurricane.
  • Water-powered sump pumps are unreliable.
  • Do not work well in the presence of saltwater.
  • Water-powered sump pumps are not recommended.
  • Water is great, but it is not a permanent solution to flooding.


7 Quick Facts You Need to Know about Water-Powered Backup Sump Pumps:

How do I know if I need a battery-operated backup sump pump?

You may need a battery-operated backup sump pump if you live in a wet climate or in areas prone to flooding. Since most of these pumps have a very short lifespan, you’ll have to ensure that it’s properly maintained so as to ensure their continuous operation. Also, they are less energy efficient than traditional sump pumps.

Are backup sump pumps better than regular sump pumps?

Backup sump pumps are typically used in case of a power outage or when the normal pump goes offline due to any mechanical or electrical problem. They are also recommended for places with high water table levels or heavy rain.

Regular sump pumps, on the other hand, are best suited for places with lower water tables and less rain, where the probability of flooding is lower. You can also use them during times of heavy rainfall, but you need to be careful and make sure that they have adequate drainage to prevent the buildup of water.

Can a water-powered sump pump be used for irrigation?

Yes, a water-powered sump pump can be used for irrigation. Water pumps can be powered by both electricity and water pressure, so there is no problem in using them for such a task.

Is a water-powered sump pump worth it?

No, a water-powered sump pump is not necessary. In fact, they can be harmful to your home. They are a lot of work and require constant maintenance. In addition, they tend to be expensive and may require special fittings to be installed in your house. They can also be dangerous if they get blocked or fail to operate properly. Hence, you’d be better off getting a professional to do the installation for you or else look for a sump pump that runs on electricity.

How do you choose a good sump pump?

The best sump pumps for homes are the ones that are designed to discharge water in the event of a flood. The best home sump pumps should handle larger amounts of water, have a longer life cycle, and be easy to operate.

Can a sump pump be used for both flooding and drainage?

Yes, a sump pump can be used for both flooding and drainage. However, there are a few things that you need to understand:

Firstly, if your sump pump has a tank attached to it, it should be completely full before you run the pump. If you do not do this, you will flood your basement or garage area.

Secondly, if you have a sump pump with an inlet and an outlet, then you need to ensure that the inlet is connected to the lowest point of the foundation. If not, the pump will only draw water from the outlet and not from the lowest point.

Finally, ensure that the pump is wired to your house’s electrical panel and that the inlet and outlet are connected to the main panel. This way, the pump will get its power from the house’s main panel, and the water will get drained out of the outlet.


In the event of a storm or other natural disaster, your sump pump is there to save your home from flooding. And for homeowners with a pool, these are even more essential.

However, if your sump pump is old and outdated, it won’t do the job you need it to do. And it’s definitely worth spending some time and money to make sure it does what it should. So here’s our top pick for the best backup sump pump.

It’s called the water-powered sump pump by Basepump. It’s extremely portable, durable, easy to install, and offers a 5-years warranty.

And since an industry-leading manufacturer backs it, you can be assured that this is one of the best backup pumps you can buy.

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