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8 Best Sump Pump Discharge Hoses Reviews and Comparison

Sump pumps are important for keeping your basement water-free and safe. But they also need regular maintenance to ensure that they continue to work properly. If you need a replacement for your old sump pump discharge hose, you’re in the right place.

But how do you know which one is the best for you? That’s why we researched and compiled a list of the 8 best sump pump discharge hoses that you can buy today, with an informational guide on choosing the right one for you. These are tested and rated by the best brands, ensuring that they provide reliable service for years to come.

Top 3 Hoses to Use for Sump Pump Discharge

sump pump discharge hoseKEY FEATURESDETAILS
WAYNE 66000-WYN1 Sump Discharge Hose Kit With Clamps
WAYNE 66000-WYN1 Hose
Discharge Tapping:1-1/2 inch
Weight:0.5 lbs.
PriceDetail review
Flotec FP0012-6U-P2 Universal Discharge Hose Kit
Flotec FP0012-6U-P2 Hose
Discharge Tapping:1-1/4 inch
Weight:2.04 lbs.
PriceDetail review
Apache 98138015 Lay-Flat Discharge Hose
Apache 98138015 Hose
Discharge Tapping:1-1/2 inch
Weight:7.89 lbs.
PriceDetail review
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Discharge Hose for Sump Pump Reviews

A sump pump discharge hose is a vital part of your sump pump. It’s used to direct water out of your sump pit and into your sump pump. It also directs the water out of the sump pit. This helps your sump pump run more efficiently.

And the quality of the discharge hose can affect how effectively your sump pump operates, so you need to be sure that you’re getting the best one. That’s why we’ve gone and rounded up the top 8 best sump pump discharge hoses available today, complete with detailed information on each one.

Best Overall

WAYNE 66000-WYN1 Sump Discharge Hose Kit With Clamps

WAYNE 66000-WYN1 Sump Discharge Hose Kit With Clamps

  • Discharge Tapping: 1-1/2 inch
  • Length: 24-feet
  • Weight: 0.5 lbs.

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The Wayne 66000-Wyn1 Sump Discharge Hose Kit is an effective way to add additional water discharge to your sump pump.

This hose kit includes a threaded male adapter and a hose clamp that makes it easy to mount to your existing pump. This kit can be used with any sump pump brand and the threaded male adapter can be installed using a standard sump pump handle.

The hose itself has a length of 24-feet and is designed to connect directly to the existing inlet pipe of your sump pump. With this kit, you can increase the amount of water that is discharged from your sump pump and avoid clogged pipes and damaged hoses.

Overall, I would highly recommend this hose kit as it is one of the best ways to increase the flow of water from your sump pump and avoid damage to your pump.

Best for Pedestal Pump

Flotec FP0012-6U-P2 Universal Discharge Hose Kit

Flotec FP0012-6U-P2 Universal Discharge Hose Kit

  • Discharge Tapping: 1-1/4-Inch
  • Length: 24-Feet
  • Weight: 2.04 lbs.

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The Flotec FP0012-6U-P2 discharge hose is an ideal kit for emergency or permanent use. This kit consists of 24-foot-long hoses that can be easily connected to a single pedestal pump.

This product is very easy to install as it requires no tools and it comes with everything that you need to connect this hose kit. The connector can be easily plugged into the pump to ensure a quick and easy connection. All you have to do is insert the discharge hose into the hose fitting and secure it with the hose clamps.

Once you’re done with the installation, you can simply disconnect the hose and carry it with you whenever you need it.

The hose kit is made up of 100% plastic and will remain intact for a long time. Also, it’s compatible with all kinds of tanks whether they have a single or dual head configuration.

Overall, this is an amazing product for a great price. I would definitely recommend this kit as it is affordable and will give you the same benefits as a more expensive product.

Best for Open-ended Discharge

Apache 98138015 Lay-Flat Discharge Hose

Apache 98138015 Lay-Flat Discharge Hose

  • Discharge Tapping: 1-1/2-Inch
  • Length: 50-Feet
  • Weight: 7.89 lbs.

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Apache 98138015 discharge hose is a very strong and reliable hose that is ideal for use in pumping water, light chemicals, and for other services in the agricultural, rental, construction, marine, and irrigation industries. It is made up of high-quality Pvc material that is stain-resistant and UV resistant.

This hose has a maximum pressure of 75 PSI and is capable of handling a wide range of liquid and gases. The hose comes in various lengths and is available in three different colors. This hose is very lightweight and does not absorb water so it’s easy to handle even when working in wet conditions. It is also mildew-resistant and doesn’t let moisture get inside the hose.

This hose is easy to install, simple to use, and very durable. It’s a nice hose to have in your arsenal because it is versatile and you will be able to use it on various projects.

If you need a hose that is durable and will last you a long time, then this hose is the one for you. Overall, Apache 98138015 lay-flat discharge hose is a very reliable and strong hose that will last you for years.

Best for Basement Sump Pit

Little Giant SPDK Sump Pump Discharge Hose Kit

Little Giant SPDK Sump Pump Discharge Hose Kit

  • Discharge Tapping: 1-1/2-Inch
  • Length: 24-Feet
  • Weight: 4.5 lbs.

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The Little Giant SPDK hose is a versatile product that is perfect for installing a sump pump for your basement. This is one of the safest ways to store your sump pump discharge pipe as it is located outdoors in a safe and secure location.

This product is very easy to use, install and remove. It comes with a 24-foot length that is made of durable corrugated polyethylene tubing. It is equipped with a galvanized steel clamp and an ABS thread adapter.

This product is very easy to connect to a sump pump outlet or a plumbing fixture and has a smooth finish. All you need to do is open the clamp, insert the hose into the fitting and close the clamp.

You can use this hose in both fresh and saltwater. However, the manufacturer does not recommend its usage in saltwater due to the corrosive effects of the salt.

If you want to make sure that this hose will be around for a long time, you should buy a longer version.

Overall, If you are looking for a simple yet durable solution to help you discharge your sump pump water to a safe location, then this Little Giant SPDK discharge hose is the perfect choice for you.

Best for Basement Sump

Red Lion 599304 Sump Pump Discharge Hose

Red Lion 599304 Sump Pump Discharge Hose

  • Discharge Tapping: 1-1/2-Inch
  • Length: 24-Feet
  • Weight: 20.55 lbs.

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The Red Lion 599304 discharge hose is an effective hose that is designed to pump water safely away from your sump pit or water line. It is built to withstand extreme conditions and provide high pressure to move your water safely and quickly away from your property.

The Red Lion 599304 hose is made up of heavy-duty polyethylene that will not break under extreme conditions and it also comes with an ABS threaded end and barbed adapter to make it easy to connect the end to your sump pit or discharge pipe.

The sump pump hose is made of polyethylene and can be used in areas that have high temperatures ranging from -40°F to 110°F. It’s made of heavy-duty material and weighs only 20.55 pounds.

The galvanized steel clamp provides additional strength to hold the end of the hose securely to the discharge pipe. This is definitely an effective hose that will help you pump water safely and quickly away from your property.

The only negative thing about this hose is that it is only available in one color. So if you want to purchase this hose, make sure you choose the correct color that will match your sump pit or plumbing system.

Overall, if you are looking for a sump pump hose that is durable, functional, and stylish, then look no further. You will definitely like this product.

Best for Sump and Utility Pumps

Superior Pump 99621 Lay-Flat Discharge Hose Kit

Superior Pump 99621 Lay-Flat Discharge Hose Kit

  • Discharge Tapping: 1-1/2-Inch
  • Length: 25-Feet
  • Weight: 3.91 lbs.

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The Superior Pump 99621 Discharge Hose Kit is a fantastic piece of equipment for those that want to pump their sump and utility tanks. This kit comes with everything that you need to install it.

The discharge hose is made up of a high-quality polyvinyl chloride and is very flexible. The stainless steel hose clamp will ensure that your pipe is securely fixed into place.

This is a lay-flat hose that lays flat when you’re not using it. This is a very convenient feature that will help save you a lot of space.

In addition to that, this kit comes with a 25-foot long hose which is quite a bit longer than the standard length of 20 feet. That’s a very good thing because most people don’t have 25 feet of the discharge pipe.

The only thing that you may not like about this product is that it does not have a maximum pressure rating. So if you want to use your pump to pump at higher pressures than 60 psi, then you might have to buy a separate unit.

However, the pressure rating of this hose kit is enough for most users to get the job done. So if you are looking for a high-quality pump kit that will save you a lot of money, then you should check out this product.

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Buying Guide

When it comes to sump pump discharge hoses, you can count on them being reliable. However, they can be expensive, so you should take your time to shop around before you make a purchase. Here are the things to consider:

Type of the Hose

One of the first things you need to think about when you start your hoses comparison is what kind of pump you need to install in your sump pump. There are several types of hoses on the market, so it’s important to know what they’re made of before you choose one.sump pump discharge hose

Here’s a quick hoses comparison to give you an idea of what each one has in store:

PVC: PVC hoses tend to be the most affordable and durable. They’re typically made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic and are rated at an average lifespan of 7 years or more.

PE: PE hoses are typically made of polyethylene plastic. They’re typically cheaper than PVC hoses, but do not last as long.

Aluminum: Aluminum hoses are usually more expensive than PVC and PE hoses, but they are extremely durable and long-lasting.

Ceramic: Ceramic hoses are typically more expensive than PVC and PE hoses, but they offer a high level of insulation.

Steel: Steel hoses offer a higher level of insulation than ceramic hoses and a longer lifespan. However, they can be quite expensive.

There are other types of hoses, but these four are the most common.

  • In general, PVC is the most affordable and durable choice, followed by aluminum.
  • PE and steel hoses are the most expensive, but last the longest.

It’s important to note that all hoses should be cleaned regularly, so if you have any questions about how to clean your hose, make sure you ask before you buy one.

Connection Point of the Hose

A connection point is a device that is designed to connect to the main drain line of a sump pump. These are generally used to help drain water from your home into a storm sewer system.

There are different types of connection points, including straight, angled, and Y-connections.

Straight connections are typically found in homes that have a single sump pump. These are typically used for the purpose of a sump pump backup and are often attached to the main drain line with a coupling. They don’t allow for any backflow into the main drain line.

Angled connections are normally used for larger sump pumps that will be placed in a basement or crawlspace. These are often referred to as “manifold” connections and usually have an elbow at the end of the hose. This allows for backflow into the main drain line, which can be helpful if the pump is failing or a storm drain is clogged.

Y-connections are often seen on larger sump pumps, but can also be found on smaller ones. They are commonly found in garages and basements and feature a Y-shaped hose.

You can also find connection points in the marketplace that aren’t used for sump pumps. These are typically used for sprinkler systems and other outdoor uses.


Rubber: Rubber-coated hoses are available in a range of sizes, lengths, and diameters, and are designed to be durable and flexible. Rubber is typically a cheaper option than other materials, but it may not hold up to heavy-duty use over time.

Plastic: This type of hose is also known as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and is commonly used for garden hoses, garden tools, and other garden items. PVC hoses are typically more durable than rubber hoses and are also resistant to chemicals.

Metal: This type of hose is typically found in fire hydrants, water lines, and sewage lines. Metal hoses are generally more durable than plastic and rubber hoses and are also resistant to chemicals.

Discharge Rate/ Flow Rate

Sump pumps typically have two parts – a motor and a discharge line. The discharge line has an inlet and outlet that connect to the drainage pipes.

The rate at which the sump pump discharges water will vary depending on a few factors. These factors include the size of the pump, the diameter of the discharge line, and how often it’s used. When the pump is first installed, you’ll need to set the flow rate manually. In order to do this, you can use a tape measure to measure the discharge line. This is done by measuring the distance from the inlet to the outlet, and then multiplying that measurement by the number of feet per minute you want the pump to run at.

If your basement has been flooded recently, your sump pump should be drained completely before you install a new one.

14 Steps on how to connect the sump pump discharge hose?

A sump pump discharge hose is connected to the inlet of your sump pump, but before that, you have to turn off the power source. Once this is done, disconnect the sump pump’s power cable, and then attach the hose to the outlet of the sump pump. Here is the step-by-step process to connect the sump pump discharge hose:

  1. Unscrew the drain pan by removing the bolt from underneath it.
  2. Lift the drain pan by lifting the front edge.
  3. Remove the old pump by removing the bolt from underneath it.
  4. Disconnect the hose from the pump.
  5. Slide the new pump into place.
  6. Reattach the hose to the new pump.
  7. Screw the drain pan back onto the pipe with the bolt.
  8. Replace the cover plate by screwing it on the underside of the pipe.
  9. Screw the washer and nut on the top of the pump.
  10. Reconnect the hose to the pump.
  11. Connect the other end of the hose to the sump pump discharge hose.
  12. Turn on the water to the sump pump.
  13. Turn off the main water supply valve.
  14. Wait for the sump pump to work.

How to hide the sump pump discharge pipe?



Do you have a sump pump and need to know about its discharge hose? We’ve got the answers. Here are the FAQs on the discharge hose of sump pumps to help you choose the right one for your needs.

Why would a sump pump overflow?

Sump pumps are designed to automatically discharge water that collects in the bottom of your pool, spa, or sinks. When they malfunction, they can discharge the water when they shouldn’t, or fail to discharge water when they should. Overflow usually occurs when the pump is either installed too high, has clogged impellers, or damaged seals.

Where should a sump pump discharge?

Generally, a sump pump should discharge into a drain pan that drains into a sewer, or to a sump pit that can connect to a drainage system. But it can also discharge to a nearby lake or pond if it’s safe to do so. You should consult with your local building officials and experts for further details about how to install a sump pump.

Can you use a flat discharge hose for the sump?

Yes, you can use a flat discharge hose for the sump. These can be used in conjunction with a sump pump, or independently. They are typically used when you don’t have a sump pump. This is because a sump pump requires electricity to operate, and the flat discharge hose allows you to get rid of the water as soon as you drain the sump, without having to wait for the pump to turn on.

What kind of hose goes on a sump pump?

A sump pump hose is a flexible tube made of rubber, plastic, or vinyl, and it connects a sump pump to a tank. It has a shut-off valve on the end and is usually placed at the bottom of a basement, where water enters. The hose then leads up to the sump pump, which pumps the water out of the tank.

How far out from the house should the sump pump discharge be?

The sump pump should be located about 15-20 feet out from the foundation of the house, and ideally, you should have a submersible pump for deeper wells. The reason for this is that you don’t want the sump pump to work when there is no water in the well. This can lead to damage to the pump, which will cost you money in the long run.

How long should a sump pump hose be?

A sump pump hose should ideally be 30 feet, and you should regularly inspect it to see if it is damaged or leaking. If it gets damaged, you should replace it immediately. A good sump pump can last for decades, and even longer in ideal conditions.


There are many types of sump pumps on the market today. The most important thing to consider when selecting the right pump is the size of the discharge outlet in your home. A common mistake homeowners make is trying to get a large-sized pump that they think they need. In most cases, this will result in excessive water loss from the pump itself, which is both costly and wasteful. However, if you have a small sump pit, a large pump may not be necessary. In that case, you should select a pump with the capacity required for your sump pit size and capacity. This will help ensure that you don’t waste money on a larger pump that won’t fit in your pit.

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