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Above-ground Pool Pump and the Sand Filter

If you own an above-ground swimming pool, then you should consider installing a sand filter system. Sand filters are used to remove impurities from the water before it enters the pool. They also prevent algae growth and keep the pool clean.

Having a pool at home is all fun and games until you have to pay attention to maintenance and water quality. By investing in an above-ground pool pump, you can improve the quality of water significantly. The best above-ground pool pump and the sand filter will ensure that the water keeps moving across the pool evenly and that no debris or germs accumulate in the pool.

When choosing a great pool pump, there are certain things you have to consider. The motor spins the impeller, which directs water to a filter. The housing then sucks the water out of the channel towards the impeller, which ensures the constant flow of the water.

Top 3 Above-Ground Pool Sand Filter Pumps

Intex 28645EG Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump
Intex 28645EG Krystal Clear
Flow Rate:2100 GPH
Tank Size:12-inch
Sand Capacity:50 lbs.
Max Pool Size:12,800 gallons
Weight:30.1 lbs.
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Intex 26643EG Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump for Above Ground Pool
Intex 26643EG Krystal Clear
Flow Rate:1200 GPH
Tank Size:10-inch
Sand Capacity:26 lbs.
Max Pool Size:8,400 gallons
Weight:27.2 lbs.
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XtremepowerUS Sand Filter with 3/4HP Pool Pump
XtremepowerUS Sand Filter
Flow Rate:2400 GPH
Tank Size:13-inch
Sand Capacity:42 lbs.
Max Pool Size:10,400 gallons
Weight:25.5 lbs.
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How to choose the best pool pump and Sand Filter Combo?

Are you looking for a great pool pump but don’t know the first thing about them?

You are not alone.

The turnover rate of a good pool pump is relative to how big the pool is. This is because all the water has to be filtered into the pool adequately at least once a day. There are many different pool pumps in the market, some of which will make your life a lot easier. We can help you determine which pool pump will be the smoothest fit for your above-ground pool.

It is understandable if you don’t feel like a pool pump expert just because you have a pool. Most people don’t know these characteristics when they are comparing different pool pumps. We are here to provide you with several detailed reviews of the different sand filter pool pumps and a concise buying guide with real advice on what elements to look out for when shopping for a pool pump.

The 6 Best Above-Ground Pool Pumps

  1. Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump for Above Ground Pools, 12-inch, 110-120V with GFCI
  2. Intex 26643EG Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump for Above Ground Pools, 10-inch
  3. Hayward W3S180T92S ProSeries 18 In., 1 HP Sand Filter System for Above-Ground Pools
  4. GAME SandPRO 50D Series, Complete 0.5HP Replacement Pool Sand Filter Unit, Designed for Intex & Bestway Pools, High-Performance Above-Ground Pool Vacuum, Energy Efficient, Easy to Operate
  5. Swimline 71225 12 in Sand Filter Combo-0.33 Hp, Filtration, Multi
  6. XtremepowerUS 13″ Sand Filter with 3/4HP Pool Pump 4 Way Valve 3450 RPM Above Ground Pool Set with Stand

Top 6 Sand Filter Pool Pump Reviews

It’s tough to pick one product when you have many products from different brands making similar claims. So, we’ve done the hard work for you. Here are the best six best sand pumps for an above-ground pool on the market. After reading this review, making a decision will become easier for you.

So, let’s get started.

Best Overall

Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump for Above Ground Pools

Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump for Above Ground Pools

  • Flow Rate: 2100 GPH
  • Tank Size: 12-inch
  • Weight: 30.1 lbs.

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Our top pick is the Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump from Intex. Intex is a great brand, and this pool pump has dominated the world of home swimming pools by providing high-end, low-maintenance cleaning for pool water. The pump filters, rinses, recirculates, backwashes, and drains water with the special added feature of “close system down.”

The pump has an automatic 24-hour timer that adds to its overall efficiency. This is quite an impressive quality not found in other pool pumps. The Intex Sand Filter Pump has a strainer basket that can serve as an efficient pre-filter which will prolong the lifespan of your pool pump and improve the water clarity.

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Best Overall

Intex 26643EG Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump for Above Ground Pool

Intex 26643EG Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump for Above Ground Pool

  • Flow Rate: 1200 GPH
  • Tank Size: 10-inch
  • Weight: 27.2 lbs.

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The second pick on our list of favorites is yet another product from Intex. The Krystal Clear Cartridge Pump is a great above-ground pool pump that carries maintenance on a fortnightly basis so that you can have a clean pool while being completely unbothered. The double-insulated pool pump has a long lifespan which is evident from its efficiency. The pump may require adapters as cartridge pumps are not bundled up. The energy-saving feature allows the pump to use only 0.75-HP to move water while running at 75 percent efficiency.

The Krystal Clear Cartridge pump is the easiest to set up, as all you need to do is simply attach the hoses and plug them in. This pump is incredibly user-friendly and can do wonders for your pool, even if you are new to pool maintenance. The single-cartridge included must be swapped at least once every 2 weeks to ensure that the pool water is of the best quality.

Best Overall

XtremepowerUS Sand Filter with 3/4HP Pool Pump

XtremepowerUS Sand Filter with 3/4HP Pool Pump

  • Flow Rate: 2400 GPH
  • Tank Size: 13-inch
  • Weight: 25.5 lbs.

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The XtremepowerUS 13″ Sand Filter stands out as one of the most popular pool pumps out there. The maintenance with this one is easy-breezy because you can easily convert the pump between vertical and horizontal discharge with just one push. The ¾ HP Pool Pump has multiple configurations, a precision-engineered impeller, and an extra-wide opening to minimize debris.

This pump is especially great if you like the pool cleaning process to be as peaceful as possible. The above-ground pool set is one of the most coveted products in the market.

Best Overall

Swimline 71225 Sand Filter Combo

Swimline 71225 12 in Sand Filter Combo

  • Flow Rate: 1200 GPH
  • Tank Size: 12-inch
  • Weight: 20 lbs.

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The Swimline 71225 12 in Sand Filter is a compact and powerful pool pump model. The 0.33HP Combo has the best above-ground functionality. Stainless steel is one of its best qualities. The chassis is made up of a strong thermoplastic material that protects it from corrosion of any sort by chemicals present in the pool.

The strainer basket on the pump has a great twist and lock lid, which is the little detail that users appreciate it the most. You can clean the pump basket easily and regularly because of its transparent cover, which alerts you to its volume.

Best Overall

Hayward W3S180T92S Sand Filter System for Above-Ground Pools

Hayward W3S180T92S Sand Filter System for Above-Ground Pools

  • Flow Rate: 35 GPM
  • Tank Size: 18-inch
  • Weight: 63 lbs.

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This high-performance pump from renowned brand Hayward can give Intex a run for its money. That is because this powerful machine can work above and underground. The pump is built robustly and has a corrosion-free chassis that makes it durable. No matter how strong the chemicals you are putting in your pool, this pump can last you a few years because of the strong material used to make it.

The Hayward Power-Flo has a 60-cycle motor which is the most you can get from a pool pump. The motor shuts down only after it has cooled down sufficiently, after which it restarts. The self-lubricating bearings are another great feature that saves you the trouble of actually rolling up your sleeves and doing it. Hayward suggests that you save as much as 2500 gallons of water annually by using a pump to eliminate backwashing needs.

Because who wants that, right?

Best Overall

GAME SandPRO 50D Pool Sand Filter Unit

GAME SandPRO 50D Pool Sand Filter Unit

  • Flow Rate: 40 GPM
  • Tank Size: 16-inch
  • Weight: 21 lbs.

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The Game SandPRO has trademark built quality, and its performance is phenomenal when it comes to pool maintenance. The pump is very easy to set up and can be used by beginners, so long as you invest in the right kind of equipment.

The 4-bolt access makes it incredibly easy for you to reach the internal components. You can remove the swing-away knobs to check for any complications without really straining yourself. The beauty of the Game SandPRO 50D Series is that you can make the most difference with the smallest and simplest touch.

This is an affordable pump that you can rely on, and the straightforward installation is another one of its pros.

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Buyer’s Guide

Having a list of the best pool pumps in the market is great, but it’s not all you need to know. You should also understand the different factors that go into deciding which pool pump to buy. What makes one pump a better pick than the other? Here’s a comprehensive buyer’s guide to help you figure it out.


Buying a new pump requires checking out different options available to you and determining which one has the best pumping speed. The quicker your pool pump is, the less power will be used. In other words, you are saving money by using a pool pump that does the job well and does it quickly.

There are Single speed, Dual speed, and Variable speed pumps available in the market. Single-speed pumps are the most common and have high energy use. Some states have prohibited single-speed pumps due to this very excessive energy usage.

Dual speed pumps tend to flicker between high and low speeds and offer versatility. Variable speed pumps can be regulated without electricity, and they are attuned to working at any speed digitally. These are more expensive but more efficient and more durable in the long run.

Pool size

The size of the pool should also be considered when looking for a pool pump. The total capacity of your pool divided by 8 is the amount of time in hours it will take for water to circulate in the swimming pool. Once you have the number, then you can pick the right pool pump.


Pool pump motors are rated in horsepower, so it is important that you know that when looking at different reviews and comparing pool pumps. When buying new technology, we all tend to get overwhelmed by the jargon, but there is no need to be in this case. You can always go into a purchase with some knowledge on the backend from us.

Noise level

The noise quotient is also something to consider when shopping for pool pumps. Powerful pumps tend to be loud, and you don’t want the maintenance of your pool to become tedious. So it is important to look for a pool pump that is efficient and whose maintenance can also be done quietly.

Maintaining a pool is a part of maintaining your home, and you need to ensure that it doesn’t obstruct your peace. Make this decision carefully, or you will feel like you are living next to Grand Central.

You must get all these bases covered so that you end up buying the right pump for your pool.


How do I choose the best pool pump for my above-ground pool?

We recommend going into the process with adequate research on what a pool pump does, what your budget constraints could be, and what the best products and brands in the market are.

Will an Intex Pool Pump work with other brand pools?

The Intex pool pump can efficiently circulate water in the swimming pool to prevent the water from becoming stagnant while also working with other brand pools without any delays.

How do I choose a pool pump for an Intex pool?

The pump should be high quality. To ensure that your Intex Pool’s maintenance is thoroughly managed, you must consider the filtration system, the pump flow rate, the valves, and the pressure gauge.

How long do pumps for Intex pools last?

The Intex cartridge filter pump can last you between 2-4 years. Depending on its usage, it could last even longer.

Sand filter pumps, on the other hand, are built robustly with a lifespan of 6-8 years.

I want zero-maintenance pool filtration. Which system should I buy?

Sand filters are usually considered the easiest to maintain as they can trap particles as small as 20-30 microns.

Do I leave the above-ground pool filter on all the time?

The pool water undergoes filtration every 24 hours, which means that the pump does not need to run all the time. You can remove debris floating on the surface with a hand-held skimmer to be more proactive.

What size filter do I need for my above-ground pool?

You need to account for at least a 1 sq. ft. for a 10,000-gallon pool capacity.

Why should I look for a pool pump motor with a high horsepower rating?

Horsepower (HP) rating is the most common method of rating pool pumps. The HP is an important characteristic to remember when purchasing pool pumps as this is the indicator of how much power the pump can exert.

What size sand pump do I need for my pool?

A typical swimming pool requires about 1,000 gallons (4,046 liters) of water per hour. To calculate how much sand you will need, multiply the number of hours you want your pool filled with water by 1,000. For example, if you want your pool filled with water for eight.

Read what had to say about pool filter size


If you are thinking of maintaining an indoor pool, a pump is a necessity for you. There are many above-ground pools pumps out there. The best ones all have three things in common; they’re affordable, efficient, and quiet.

We hope our top picks can narrow down the search for you and that our buyer’s guide gives you the information needed to go out today and find the right pump while precisely knowing what makes a pool pump stand out.

We do suggest that you go through the entire blog for more resources on pool maintenance. We hope you found these reviews helpful. See you soon!

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