Effortless Oil Extraction: Unveiling the Top 12 Volt Oil Extractor Pumps

Do you want to save yourself countless trips to the mechanic shop each time you want to drain or replace the old oil in your vehicle? As a car owner, you know how much you spend for a mechanic to get your engine oil drained.

Sometimes, it’s not even the service fee that worries you, but the fact that you’ll have to keep their company at the car garage for a whole day while your car gets worked on baffles you. Therefore, you should consider getting an electric oil extractor pump and start extracting and replacing your engine oil yourself.

In this article, we’ll review the six best 12-volt extractor pumps on the market, considering their materials, safety, reservoir size, and adequate features and benefits. We also included a buyer guide and FAQs to help you make a well-informed buying decision.

Top 3 12-volt oil extractor pumps

Performance Tool W54170 12V Oil Extraction Pump
Performance Tool W54170 Pump
Flow Rate:0.8 GPM
Inlet Hose:47-inch
Outlet Hose:59-inch
Weight:2.1 lbs
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DasMarine 12V 60W Oil Change Pump Extractor
DasMarine 12V Pump
Flow Rate:1 LPM
Inlet Hose:61-inch
Outlet Hose:49-inch
Weight:0.48 oz.
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ATPTOOL 12V 60W Oil Change Pump Extractor
ATPTOOL 12V Pump Extractor
Flow Rate:1 GPM
Outlet Hose:5-Amp
Inlet Hose:47-inch
Outlet Hose:59-inch
Weight:1.87 lbs
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What is Oil Extractor Pump?

An oil extractor pump is a handy tool or machine designed to remove different oils, including engine oil, gear oil, and brake fluids from an engine. This tool allows you to extract oil from your vehicle by yourself instead of paying a specialist to help you. The tool relies on airflow and vacuum power to quickly and neatly remove old oil from your engine.

best 12 volt oil extractor pumpHowever, not all the oil extractor pumps available out there can effectively perform the oil extraction function. Choosing the best oil extractor pump is down to budget size, needs, and individual preferences. An oil extractor pump that’s considered best for you may not be that great for another person.

However, the best electric oil extractors for you are the ones that boast quality material, high extraction speed, an ideal reservoir size, durable dipstick, powerful battery, good working valve, and great convenience. These special features, and more, are what to look for when buying the best oil extractor.

Understanding the Benefits of 12 Volt Oil Extractor Pumps

12-volt oil extractor pumps have revolutionized the way we perform oil changes. With their advanced technology and user-friendly design, they offer a range of benefits that make oil extraction a breeze. Firstly, these pumps provide unparalleled convenience and efficiency. Gone are the days of crawling under your vehicle and struggling with drain plugs or messy oil pans. With a 12-volt oil extractor pump, you can easily extract oil through the dipstick tube or other access points, saving you time and effort.

Top 6 12v Oil Extractor Pump Reviews

It’s tough to pick one product when you have many products from different brands making similar claims. So, we’ve done the hard work for you. Here are the best six electric oil extractor pumps on the market. After reading this review, making a decision will become easier for you.

So, let’s get started.

Best for compact design
Performance Tool W54170 12V Oil Extraction Pump

Performance Tool W54170 12V Oil Extraction Pump

Key Features

  • Compact, Lightweight, and Durable
  • Convenient Oil Extraction without Removing the Drain Plug
  • Quick and Easy Oil Changes
  • Powerful Motor for Efficient Self-Priming Operation
  • Rapid Oil Extraction with a Pump Rate of up to 3 Quarts per Minute
  • Versatile Use with Coiled Hoses and Compatibility with Car Filters
  • Convenient Usage at Home, in the Garage, or On the Go
  • Minimize Noise with Optional Rubber Cap
  • Seamless Setup and Operation with Included Hose Clamps and Instructions
  • Optimal Reach and Flexibility with Inlet and Outlet Hoses, Drain Hoses, and Suction Probes.

Compact, lightweight, and durable oil extraction pump

The Performance Tool W54170 12V Oil Extraction Pump is compact, lightweight, and durable so you can carry it wherever you go. The tool features a W54170 pump that allows you to remove oil from an engine without removing your drain plug. This pump is designed for use in RVs, motorcycles, cars, boats, 4x4s, or any other vehicle that requires the removal of oil. With the Performance Tool 12V ProMax Oil Extractor Pump, oil changes are quick and easy. It’s the greatest electric oil extractor pump you can get online because of its excellent performance and user-friendly features.

Features and performance

erformance Tool W54170 Oil Change Pump Extractor 12v

It features a pump rate with the capacity to remove up to 3 quarts of oil per minute. It’s self-priming and powered by 12V 5 amps DC motor to allow for easy use. This electric pump eliminates the requirement for manual priming thanks to its potent self-priming motor. The outstanding rate of up to 3 quarts per minute is achieved by the 80W motor with ease while extracting oil, diesel, or other fluids. You can do your oil change quickly and efficiently with the Performance Tool 12V ProMax Pump by saving time.


It comes with two coiled hoses (measuring 3.5ft long each) that can handle other extracts besides motor oil. It’s also compatible with most car filters, making it ideal for those who don’t want to waste time removing their filters. You can use this pump for any kind of vehicle and it can easily be used at home, in the garage, or any other place. This is the perfect tool to keep in your shop and use whenever you need to extract oil from your vehicle.

Additional features and accessories

It’s a little noisy but you can put a rubber cap on the pump if you want to mute the noise. Included with the pump are hose clamps and detailed instructions, ensuring a seamless setup and operation. The 47-inch x 0.16-inch diameter inlet hose and 59-inch x 0.47-inch diameter outlet hose provide optimal reach and flexibility, allowing you to access even the most confined spaces with ease. The drain hose with a 10mm outer diameter and suction probe with a 6mm outer diameter further enhance its versatility.


DasMarine 12V 60W Oil Change Pump Extractor

DasMarine 12V 60W Oil Change Pump Extractor
  • Flow Rate: 1 LPH
  • Motor: 5-Amp
  • Weight: 0.48 oz.
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Key Features

  • Durable materials and attractive design 
  • Simplicity in operation
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Long extension hoses to ensure a clean extension process 
  • 60W with a voltage of 5A.

DasMarine is a relatively new company that has only been around for about a few years, but it’s been working on a lot of innovative products. One of their more unique products is the Oil Change Pump Extractor, which has a clever design to help you easily drain your engine oil. This will reduce your costs and help you save some money on oil changes.

The DasMarine Oil Change Pump Extractor is one of the best oil change pumps that we’ve reviewed, and it’s also one of the cheapest. This is because it’s made of durable plastic and aluminum, which should ensure it lasts for years. It has a simple design that’s easy to install and maintain. The best part about this oil change pump is that it can be used with both petrol and diesel engines, and it’s suitable for all types of boats.

The oil extractor is a specialized tool to extract motor oil from your vehicle without the mess. It can work at a 5 A current, uses a wattage of 60W, and can provide a flow rate of 1 L per minute. In addition, it has an inlet hose with a length of 155 cm.

It features long extension hose pipes (inlet hose and outlet hose) to make extracting oil/diesel fluid easy and fast. The equipment also comes supplied with an oil transfer pump, two hose clamps, two battery clamps, and two hoops.


ATPTOOL 12V 60W Oil Change Pump Extractor

ATPTOOL 12V 60W Oil Change Pump Extractor
  • Flow Rate: 1 LPH
  • Motor: 5-Amp
  • Weight: 1.87 lbs.
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Key Features

  • The flow rate of approximately 1L/min for motor oil 
  • The flow rate of approximately 250L/hr for diesel  
  • Long inlet and outlet hoses
  • Durable and attractive materials
  • Easy to install and operate.

This pump is perfect for those who want to get their vehicle’s oil changed without having to mess around with a lot of different tools or spend too much money on them.

The ATPTOOL 12V 60W Oil Change Pump Extractor is a portable tool designed with plastic and aluminum materials for durability and aesthetics. The tool offers a quick flow rate of approximately 1L/min when extracting motor oil or 250L/hr for diesel.

It comes with an inlet hose of 155cm/61′ in length and an outlet hose length of 124.5cm/49′. The long extension hoses ensure you get to extract your oil/diesel fluid from your vehicle without messing up the environment. The equipment uses a DC 12V, 60W, and 5A source to run.

The ATPTOOL12V is a high-performance, powerful, and durable oil change pump. This oil change extractor is a professional and highly efficient tool that can work on any type of vehicle engine.

The pump comes with a large capacity, so it’ll easily extract the oil from your car. It’s also equipped with a magnetic ball bearing which ensures that it’ll move smoothly and won’t lose any pressure. It’s ideal for people who want to remove the old oil from their cars, trucks, motorcycles, quad bikes, and so on. 

Amarine Made 12V 60W Oil Change Pump Extractor

Amarine Made 12V 60W Oil Change Pump Extractor

Key Features

  • Optimal Performance and Efficiency with Powerful Motor and Voltage
  • Quick and Clean Oil Extraction Made Simple
  • Versatile Tool for Multiple Vehicles and Equipment
  • Efficient Diesel Transfer for Various Applications
  • Convenient Design with Essential Features
  • Transparent Hoses for Easy Monitoring
  • Powered by Your Car’s Battery
  • All-Inclusive Set for Efficient Oil Extraction
  • Hygienic and Timely Oil Changes Made Easy.

The Amarine Made 12V 60W Oil Change Pump unlocks the ease and efficiency of hassle-free oil changes. The best 12V oil changing pump available online, this high-performance electric pump is made to make oil extraction simple and guarantee the smooth operation of your engine.

High-Performance Oil Extractor: Features and Benefits

With its powerful 60W motor and 12V input voltage, the Amarine Made Pump delivers optimal performance and efficiency. Extracting motor oil or diesel fluid from your vehicle is a breeze with its impressive flow rate of approximately 0.8-1.0L per minute. No more messy spills or specialized tools are needed – this pump is your ideal equipment for quick and clean oil extraction.Amarine Made 12V 60W Oil Change Pump Extractor

Versatile Tool for Various Vehicles and Machinery

Engineered for versatility, the Amarine Made electric oil extractor pump is not only suitable for cars but also works seamlessly with motorcycles, scooters, quad bikes, trucks, boats, forklifts, generators, tractors, and even ride-on mowers. Additionally, it serves as an efficient tool for siphoning and transferring diesel to cars, trucks, ships, boats, tractors, farm machinery, and plant equipment. Its multifunctionality makes it an indispensable asset for any vehicle owner or operator.

The oil pump is designed to feature an outlet hose (for the ‘oil out’ side), an inlet hose (for the ‘oil in’ side), two hose locks, and two battery clips. The hoses are transparent to let you monitor the progress of oil extraction and long enough to make oil changes effortless and fast. The tool requires your car’s battery to run.

Complete Set of Accessories for Easy Oil Changes

Every tool and ingredient necessary for efficient oil extraction is included in the set. All you need to get started is the included pump, inlet and outlet hoses, hose clamps, and battery clamps. You now have everything you need to do oil changes in a hygienic and timely fashion.

WAMTHUS Oil Change Pump Extractor

WAMTHUS Oil Change Pump Extractor

Key Features

  • Very fast extraction flow rate 
  • Powerful suction 
  • Accompany with complete tools
  • Very easy to use
  • Comes with an easy-to-understand user manual.

For All Your Oil Extracting Needs, Introducing the Best 12V Oil Change Pump!

With the WAMTHUS 12V 60W Engine Oil Extractor Pump, up your oil change game! This premium pump is a one-size-fits-all option for removing motor engine oil or diesel from your car, truck, boat, motorcycle, ATV, tractor, or even forklift, snowmobile, quad bike, generator, and farm machinery.

Suitable for All Kinds of Vehicles:

The WAMTHUS Oil Change Pump Extractor is suitable for engine oil or diesel extraction from all kinds of vehicles. The pump comes with a thin tube for the oil inlet and a thick tube for the oil outlet, both transparent and of long length to ensure thorough extraction. This tool makes it easy to change your engine oil/diesel without jacking your vehicle or removing drain plugs.

Built to Exacting Standards:

The WAMTHUS oil transfer pump is built to exacting standards, with each unit going through a series of tests and inspections before being sent out to customers. With millimeter-level precision in the shaft and part sizes, this pump is your best bet for clean, trouble-free oil extraction. It requires a 12V, 5A, and 60W source to run. The tool offers a 5L/min extraction flow rate at maximum and a maximum pressure of 0.8MPA for a quick and clean extraction.

Full Set of Accessories:

You may extract or remove oil or diesel from your car easily and conveniently with the WAMTHUS pump because it comes with a full set of accessories, including an inlet hose, an outlet hose, two hose clamps, two battery clamps, and an instruction manual.

Lotyes Quick Oil Change Pump

Lotyes Quick Oil Change Pump

Key Features

  • Efficient extraction flow rate
  • A suitable alternative for manual oil extractors
  • Portable handle design for ease of use
  • Control switch at the top
  • Uses a 12V, 60W, 5A source.

Make oil changes effortless with Lotyes Quick Oil Change Pump, the best 12V oil extractor pump on the market. Say goodbye to manual oil changes and the mess that comes with them. Our efficient extraction pump replaces manual operation, saving you time and effort.

Portable and Convenient Design

The Lotyes Quick Oil Change Pump is a portable tool for handling quick and clean extraction of engine oil and diesel/biodiesel in various automobiles. The pump features a portable handle design to ensure an easy grip for more convenient use.

Easy Installation

With a straightforward manual, setting up is a breeze. The intake and outlet hoses should be connected, the hose clamps tightened, and the power clamps connected to the vehicle’s battery. One simple button press will have you on your way to a spotless oil change.

Control Switch and Leak-Prevention Features

The pump is also equipped with a control switch at the top for an easier oil change. It comes accompanied by extension hoses and hose clamps that’ll let you handle the extraction process without leaks or spillage. The oil extracted flows at 1L/min while diesel extracted flows at 250L/hr.

Product Components and Customer Support

When you purchase Lotyes Quick Oil Change Pump, you’ll receive the oil extractor pump, outlet hose, inlet hose, hose clamps, battery clamps, and a user guide. We’re confident that you’ll love our product’s design and high quality. And because you are our number one priority, we offer premium customer support and a money-back guarantee for a risk-free purchase.

Conclusion and Call to Action

Make your next oil change a breeze with Lotyes Quick Oil Change Pump, the best 12V oil extractor pump for quick and clean oil changes.

Oil Extractor Buying Guide – Things to Consider

Here are a few factors to consider before buying your oil extractor for a smarter purchase:

Quality of Material

The material used to design an oil extractor would determine its longevity and performance. Oil extractors are often made of plastic materials, but a few of these tools are made out of sturdy materials like metal. If something lightweight and portable is what’s on your mind, you should go for a plastic extractor.

However, if you want an extractor capable of long and frequent extraction for many years, you should go for a metal extractor. Fortunately, you can now find some brands that offer extractors made of both plastic and aluminum materials among our recommendations.

Extractor’s Size and Portability

Where and when you want to use your pump is another important factor to consider before purchasing it. If you’re going to station your pump in a permanent position and space isn’t an issue, you can go for any extractor (regardless of its capacity and weight). Big-sized extractors with a recycling container, disposal container, 6.5-liter container, 7.5-liter big oil storage container, and 8-quart capacity container are suitable for use in a situation like this where you’re not going to be moving them around. 

However, if storage is your concern and you want something ideal for home/personal use, compact extractors remain the best option for you. Portable extractors are lightweight and easy to carry around with you for emergency reasons.

Reservoir size

The reservoir size of any extractor pump is worth considering. If you want to ensure a continuous extraction process, you’ll need to go for a large-sized extractor reservoir to hold all of the oil you need to extract at once. Usually, reservoir sizes range from 1.5 to 95, depending on the brand. Popular extractors based on reservoir sizes include a 1.6-liter oil storage container, 5-liter reservoir, 5.3-liter reservoir, 7.5-liter reservoir, 5-liter storage reservoir, and 15-liter reservoir capacity. 

Extractors that feature bigger reservoir sizes are suitable for use as medical equipment, water treatment equipment, chemical equipment, industrial equipment, rural equipment, and so on, to extract fluid from various engines. However, those with small-sized reservoirs are designed for personal or home use.

Safety features

Safety features are important for achieving a thorough extraction process. Before you consider buying an extractor, you should double-check on safety features such as a drain valve, shut-off valve, automatic shut-off valve, bypass valve, and automatic shut-off flow valve.

A ball valve and suction pipe are additional safety features to look for in an extractor. These are the features that’ll ensure a tidy extraction process for you. These features help prevent leaks and accidental oil spillage when your extractor is in use.

Pumping Speed 

Pumping speed refers to the rate at which an extractor takes to extract fluid from an engine. The flow rate will determine how long it’ll take you to complete the entire extraction process.

Generally, extractors with a high flow rate, strong pumping pressure, and large extension tubes will take less time to extract fluids. You should check the maximum flow rate of an extractor for engine oil, diesel, and other fluids to be sure that’s what you want.


What are the types of oil extractors available?

Generally, there are three broad types of oil extractors available on the market. There are manual extractors that are entirely operated manually. We have electrical extractors that require a power source to run. We also have pneumatic extractors that can be operated either manually or electrically.

How long should I expect my oil extractor to last?

That depends on the quality of materials used, frequency of use, and maintenance. However, an oil extractor made of sturdy materials like steel and aluminum can handle long and frequent extraction for more than five years. That’s if proper care is given to the tool.

Can oil extractors be used to pump gas tanks?

No! Oil extractors are not designed to serve this purpose. Whether manual extractors (like Hydro-Turf oil extractors), pneumatic oil extractors, or the electrical type (AA Battery Powered Fuel Transfer Pump w/ Flexible Intake), all oil extractors are designed only for extracting engine oil, diesel/biodiesel, and water, depending on its design. If you want to extract gas, you should look for a tool better suitable for this process. 

Why should I use an oil extractor?

Unlike the traditional method of draining engine oil that’s time-consuming and messy, an oil extractor will help you simplify and ‘fast-forward’ the entire extraction process. An extractor will help you drain all oil to the last drop from a vehicle on your own without leaving a mess behind.

Thanks to the versatility of some oil extractors, they can extract fluids other than motor oil, including diesel and water. Using an oil extraction helps save time and cost and reduces the stress associated with removing oil from a vehicle. 

How does an oil extractor work?

Depending on the type, oil extractors work slightly differently. Some oil extractor pump requires a battery for power, while others are operated manually. However, the general working principle behind all oil extractors is to use the vacuum mechanism to pump out oil directly from an engine. Don’t be concerned with how to use your oil extractor as many of them come accompanied by a user guide.


Look no further than this review if you’re looking for the best 12-volt oil extraction pumps to buy. Any of these extractors would make it easier for you to change your oil quickly and neatly by yourself. We’re certain you’ll confidently make the best choice that suits your purpose with the information we provided on each product.

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